Welcome to Slate Rocks where we make the best machine translation software for professional translators. Our blog shares ideas about technology trends in the translation services market. To go straight to our blog page, click here. We’ll redirect you

You can find information about Slate MT products and services at our company website, https://www.slate.rocks.

See Company Details below for company information

Who Are We?

We are translator advocates and international business experts who care deeply about how language technologies contribute to the future of translation services and the public good. We created Slate Rocks LLC in Florida, USA, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand where we draw on our expertise and we partner with experts.

We’ve been making MT applications with privacy protection for 10 years and learned valuable insights that specialized MT experts have missed. Only Slate Rocks pairs MT productivity technology with the world’s most popular business productivity operating system, MS Windows.

Slate Rocks and our visionary partners are passionate about transforming the translation services marketplace to a safe neighborhood store where technologies enable authentic businesses of all sizes to safely conduct their businesses with integrity across the globe.

Company Details

Slate Rocks LLC
Homosassa, Florida
United States of America

Email: info@slate.rocks
Website: https://www.slate.rocks/


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